Eddy Current UPA Dermitron Eddy Current and Magnetic Induction

Eddy Current is a highly versatile measurement technique which is used in many industries to measure platings or coating thickness. Dermitron advanced Eddy Current instruments are used worldwide by platers, vacuum coaters, anodizers and metal finishers, wherever precise control of coating thickness is required. Most common usage is for the measurement of zinc/steel in the fastener markets for determining corrosion protection.

The UPA Dermitron uses Eddy Current (phase sensitive) technology to non-destructively and instantly measure metal plating thickness on ferrous, non-ferrous or even on plastic and ceramic substrates. Non-metallic coatings can be measured on any non-ferrous metals. Eddy Current measurements are made by inducing a high frequency Eddy Current onto a metal surface. Measurements are possible using phase sensitive Eddy Current whenever the electrical conductivity of the coating sufficiently differs from the base metal. This versatile technology can also be used for measuring metallic coatings on non-conductive substrates or even non-metallic coatings on metallic substrates.

Eddy Current calibrations are commonly done using plated standards. Since measurement is determined based on the plating deposit conductivity, the standards should ideally be plated from the same or similar plating bath to obtain the same conductivity of the plating deposit on the standards. The plating bath can have a major effect on the resulting measurement. For example; Alkaline or Acid Chloride plated parts must be calibrated using the correct bath. Errors of over 50% can occur from calibrating using incorrect standards for calibration. UPA Technology can plate custom calibration standards from customer plating baths to obtain the best accuracy and the closest correlation to XRF measurements.

Eddy Current instruments can be used directly on the plating line for point of process inspection. Instruments are virtually sealed, limiting the effects of the environment. Eddy Current accuracy is typically within @ ½ micron compared with X-ray. Nickel/Steel can also be measured by Eddy Current (phase sensitive), but the calibration standards should be made from the same plating bath to obtain the best results.

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