Calibration and Thickness Standards X-Ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Standards

UPA Technology has manufactured and provided a full line of X-Ray calibration standards for all brands of X-Ray instruments for more than 30 years. We were the first company in the industry to obtain ISO-Guide 25 accreditation and achieved ISO-17025 from A2LA (#1588.01) once it became a specification. We provide standards for all X-Ray brands and models including Fischer Technology, Oxford Instruments, Calmetrics, Bowman X-Ray, Veeco, Hitachi, Seiko and CMI.

ISO-17025 inter-lab comparisons with Fischer, Oxford and Seiko standards confirm that UPA standards correlate with calibration standards made by the OEMs. All thickness standards made by UPA Technology are guaranteed accurate.

Our stackable X-Ray foil standard design reduces the number of standards required for your measurement range. For example; a 3 micron foil can be stacked onto a 5 micron foil to make an 8 micron thickness standard. We routinely make standards as thin as only two (2) microinches!
Both plated or foil X-Ray standards are offered and we can also provide custom standards made and certified from your materials.

Our in-house calibration standards laboratory maintains a large inventory to ensure prompt delivery of orders, typically within 2-3 days after receipt and are competitively priced.

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