Oil Sensor NG Oil Lubricant Thickness Measurement

UPA Technology and Infralytic were pioneers in lubricant measurement starting in the 1980s and both have become worldwide advisors for lubricant measurement in the metal forming, coil processing, metals manufacturing and automotive manufacturing industries. Infralytic manufactures the Oil Sensor Infrared series of instruments which are exclusively distributed and supported by UPA Technology. UPA Technology manufactures the Microderm CMS portable beta backscatter instrumentation for lubricant and thin films measurement. Regardless of the lubricant or thin film needing measured, we have the instrument that meets your requirements. Technical support for measurement of any coatings application is immediately provided. This section covers the measurement of lubricating oils, dry lubes, hot melts and thin film/dry film lubricants.

Why measure lubricant thickness?

Confirming the thickness of lubricants applied to steel or aluminum strip has become an increasingly important parameter for the metal manufacturing industry. For the steel and aluminum metals processing industries, maintaining and providing the correct oil film thickness for stamping and metal forming is essential for today’s tightening quality tolerances. 

Too much lubricant can result in coils needing to be reprocessed to have the oil removed at great effort and expense as well as problems in welding, adhering, paint issues, dirty parts, not to mention the additional expense associated with using excess oil. Too little lubricant can result in premature corrosion of parts, tearing of metal during forming, higher scrap rates and excessive wear of die surfaces, which reduces the usable life of the dies. 

Lubricant measurement data provides information about production problems by the review of oil thickness records. By knowing and then controlling oil thickness, tool life can be optimized, scrap and waste will be reduced. The use of lubricants as well as cleaning media can be further optimized while overall quality is improved by the ability to confirm and control oil thickness. As we acknowledge to customers “If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it!”

Maintenance, Calibration, & Service

UPA provides comprehensive support for each of the instruments that we offer. Maintenance, calibrations and repairs are provided by factory trained technicians. Parts are stocked to insure prompt services. Technical support is provided by our knowledgeable staff to insure that your measurement requirements are maintained. 

Lubricant Measuring Range, Substrates and Calibrations

The measurable oil thickness range is approximately between 0.05 and 6 gm2 (50-600mgft2). Calibrations are installed per your requirements prior to instrument delivery.

An extensive library of calibrations are available from UPA.

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