Lubricant Thickness Measurement NG2 Oil Sensor

The lightweight, handheld, user-friendly Oil Sensor NG2 is the latest development of state-of-the-art technology, which enables more precise lubricant thickness measurements than any other technology or instrument. In only a second, the lubricant thickness is provided in either g/m² or mg/ft² .  Through continuous optimization and adaptation to customer and industry requirements, the Oil Sensor NG2 provides an accurate, stable measuring device to precisely fit these needs. The Oil Sensor NG2 infrared technology was developed by Infralytic and has become the worldwide industry standard, having more than 90% market share in the USA and Canada. Customer usage ranges from rolling mills, in which initial oiling takes place for the purpose of corrosion protection, the application of pre-lube oils by metal processors to the stampers and then used all the way down the line to car makers.

The oil sensors are easy to use, displaying the oil thickness, plus the mean value and the user’s other parameters.  The internal memory allows you to save up to 500 measured values ​​and, if necessary, these can be called up on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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