Copper Measurement CopperDerm mm615

Precise and instant measurement of surface copper thickness

CopperDerm system includes everything for you to immediately begin measuring including the probe, spare probe tip module, protective instrument cover with flip-up stand, calibration standard, software and storage case.

The CopperDerm is the perfect instrument for the precise and instant measurement of surface copper thickness. It uses micro-resistance technology to provide the most accurate surface copper measurement possible on single, double, multi-layer or foil PCB laminates. Inner copper layers do not interfere with the accuracy or precision of the surface copper measurement.

  • Designed for Printed Circuit Board manufacturers
  • Eliminates scrap and costly rework
  • Perfect for single, double-sided or multi-layer boards
  • Rechargeable battery                                                                                           
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Measures in mils or microns
  • Infinity probe with replaceable, rounded tips

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