XRF X-Ray Fluorescence XRF 2020N

The XRF2020N features our largest X-Ray chamber. It combines all of the features of the H Series plus has a taller sample chamber and longer nine inches of Z stage travel. The XRF2020N also can handle heavy parts up to 25 lbs. For measuring tall, large or heavy parts our XRF2020N is the model of choice. The large sample stage provides ample area for use of fixtures for automatic measurement of multiple samples. XRF2020N chambers can also be ordered with slotted openings allowing for unlimited length of rods, bars, sheets or coil materials to be run through the chamber for measurement.

The standard configuration includes a single collimator of your choice and multiple magnification camera. A reliable mini-focus X-Ray tube is standard and normally last 10….15 years and even longer! The X-Ray can be equipped with detectors, collimators and tubes to match your specific needs. Motorized, programmable XYZ stages with auto focusing and point and measure features are standard.

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