Microderm CMS Beta Backscatter

The world’s first and only portable Beta Backscatter instrument

The UPA Microderm CMS is a handheld beta backscatter instrument that is suitable for the process line or lab.  It was originally developed in the USA for measuring precious metal coatings primarily in the electroplating and electronics industries. The uses for backscatter have been greatly expanded due to the accuracy and number of applications that can be measured quickly and non-destructively.  This method is now used to measure many thin film coatings such as oil films and dry lubricants, adhesives, anodizing, hard coatings on machine tools, Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and many others. The Microderm measures per ASTM B567 and measures based on having a difference of density of the coating and substrate. The Microderm’s menu driven, intuitive software and recharging docking station makes for versatile and convenient use.  The large color display provides measurements along with real time statistics. Data can be downloaded via USB and saved to a flash drive or printed.

Key features include:     

  • Wide variety of probe guides and part stands for measurement on different size/shaped parts
  • Rechargeable AA battery packs
  • Large full color, brightly lit display
  • Recharging dock station that also serves as a benchtop stand
  • Calibrates in minutes using NIST Traceable, certified standards

Dry Film Lubricants Measurement

Dry film lubricants such as Tungsten disulfide (WS2), Moly DiSulfide (M0S2), Dicronite and other non-organic thin lubricant films are commonly used in Aerospace, Defense, Aviation, Military applications where the environment or design is not conducive to using grease, oils or wet lubricants. Dry Lubricants reduce friction and sliding wear in moving parts, shafts, gears or bearings. Dry lubes are used for extreme high or low temperature, sandy, wet conditions or on tight tolerance parts. Dry lubricant thickness is typically less than a few microns and are commonly specified with a maximum thickness of only 0.5 micron.

Ultra-thin dry lubricants are accurately and non-destructively measured in less than a minute with the portable Microderm CMS beta backscatter instrument and a Beta Thin Films (BTF) probe.

Beta backscatter technology measures even ultra-thin (0-1 micron) dry lubricants such as Molybdenum DiSulfide (MoS2), Tungsten Disulfide, PTFE, Fluoropolymers are measurable on a variety of substrates including Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Steel.

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