UPA Technology New Version 3 of the Microderm CMS coming soon

Posted by Jerry Stem on November 10, 2023

UPA Technology is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Version 3 of the Microderm CMS. The Microderm CMS is the world’s only portable, handheld beta backscatter instrument and features user-friendly, menu driven software with a large, easy-to-read color display. Version 3 offers improved battery life, faster system boot-up, and built-in charging with a smaller, ergonomic case. Data can be downloaded via USB and saved to a flash drive.

The Microderm CMS is used for measuring precious metal coatings primarily in the electroplating and electronics industries as well as many thin film coatings such as oil films and dry lubricants, adhesives, anodizing, hard coatings on machine tools, Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and many others.

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