UPA Technology recently exhibited at the AIST (Association for Iron and Steel Technology) Conference in Columbus, Ohio. UPA jointly exhibited with Infralytic and DaBen LLC to provide information on the Infralytic hand held (NG2 and NG3) and inline (NG03) oil sensors. These oil sensors enable more precise lubricant thickness measurements than any other technology or instrument.


The NG2 Oil Sensor infrared technology was developed by Infralytic and has become the worldwide industry standard, having more than 90% market share in the USA and Canada. The portable Oil Sensor NG2 provides accurate, repeatable lubricant thickness measurements in less than a second.


Used in conjunction with an Oil Sensor NG3, the UV-Mini is an innovative device that measures lubricant films in complex, highly formed parts and pressed 3-D stampings.  The UV-Mini incorporates Ultra-Violet technology for lubricant measurement while the Oil Sensor NG3 wirelessly provides the calibrations for the instrument.


The NG03 uses the Infralytic technology to measure inline for continuous measurement. The inline installations are custom designed to be integrated into the manufacturing process.


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Are you having problems with using your Micro Pioneer XRF?  Having trouble remembering how to do some of the tasks you don’t do very often (new calibrations, recalibration)?  Maybe employee turnover has left you struggling?

UPA Technology offers training and demonstrations by Webex remotely!  For an hourly rate, we can schedule training over the internet using our own XRF unit, either as a simple demonstration here, or set up your XRF unit as well for you to try after we show you how!

If you need some refresher training, contact us today to schedule your Webex demonstration.

From the employees at UPA Technology, we hope you have a great holiday!  We also want to let you know that our office will be closed for the holiday season after Friday December 22 and reopening Tuesday January 2.  If you have any questions or service needs, be sure to contact us before then!  We look forward to seeing you in 2024.

UPA Technology is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Version 3 of the Microderm CMS. The Microderm CMS is the world’s only portable, handheld beta backscatter instrument and features user-friendly, menu driven software with a large, easy-to-read color display. Version 3 offers improved battery life, faster system boot-up, and built-in charging with a smaller, ergonomic case. Data can be downloaded via USB and saved to a flash drive.

The Microderm CMS is used for measuring precious metal coatings primarily in the electroplating and electronics industries as well as many thin film coatings such as oil films and dry lubricants, adhesives, anodizing, hard coatings on machine tools, Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and many others.

UPA Technology, Inc. recently launched its newly designed website. The website features a fresh look, user-friendly navigation, and informative content to help visitors learn about our products and services.

“We are pleased to unveil our new website and to provide an enhanced online experience.” said Mike Justice, President. “The site’s depth of information reflects our dedication to providing superior customer support in the areas of coating measurement technologies, thickness standards and service.”

UPA Technology, an ISO-17025 accredited company, has been a leader in providing coating thickness measurement solutions for its customers for over 35 years. UPA offers a full product line of coating thickness measurement instruments, calibration thickness standards and instrument service and repair to meet customer needs. UPA serves the metal finishing and plating, auto metal forming, auto glass, fastener, electrical and electronics industries. Products include X-Rays, lubricant thickness sensors, beta backscatter, eddy current and magnetic induction instruments. Services include instrument recertification and repair, thickness standards recertification, beta backscatter source probe testing, repair and replacement, and contracted parts measurement.

Welcome to the new version of the website, it has been a long-time coming but we are live!

Please look around and explore the new content.  We have tried to include as much information as we can for all the products that we offer, the services that we provide, and kept everything as clear and concise as possible.  We have added a Contact Us form with various topics to get you to the right person.  We added information on Webex training and demonstrations.  And we will continue to update the site as we add more products and services.

Be sure to come back periodically and check this section, for the most up-to-date information we have.

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