UPA Technology Association for Iron and Steel Technology conference

Posted by Jerry Stem on May 29, 2024

UPA Technology recently exhibited at the AIST (Association for Iron and Steel Technology) Conference in Columbus, Ohio. UPA jointly exhibited with Infralytic and DaBen LLC to provide information on the Infralytic hand held (NG2 and NG3) and inline (NG03) oil sensors. These oil sensors enable more precise lubricant thickness measurements than any other technology or instrument.


The NG2 Oil Sensor infrared technology was developed by Infralytic and has become the worldwide industry standard, having more than 90% market share in the USA and Canada. The portable Oil Sensor NG2 provides accurate, repeatable lubricant thickness measurements in less than a second.


Used in conjunction with an Oil Sensor NG3, the UV-Mini is an innovative device that measures lubricant films in complex, highly formed parts and pressed 3-D stampings.  The UV-Mini incorporates Ultra-Violet technology for lubricant measurement while the Oil Sensor NG3 wirelessly provides the calibrations for the instrument.


The NG03 uses the Infralytic technology to measure inline for continuous measurement. The inline installations are custom designed to be integrated into the manufacturing process.


For more information, contact us through the website or 513-755-1280.

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