X-Ray Systems


Three chamber models allow for plating measurement of virtually any size or type of parts. Windows based, user-friendly operating software simplifies system operation. Outstanding features of the XRF2000 include a shutter-free design, which completely shuts off the X-Ray tube current except when performing measurements. Shutting off the XRF tube between measurements extends X-Ray tube life because unlike other systems, the X-Ray tube is only being used during measurement.

Measurements can go directly to Excel with a simple click of the mouse and five custom report formats are included for immediate review or printing of measurement statistics, graphs, and data. Video images, logos, and color highlighting can also be included in the measurement reports. Programmable stages, slotted chambers, motorized collimators, and solution analysis are available as system options.

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Microsoft Windows

The XRF2000 uses Microsoft Windows, allowing multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously. During operation it is possible to review measurements, perform spectrum analysis, and process statistics all while automatically sending the measurement data to Microsoft Excel or other QC programs.

Multiple Measurement Capabilities

The XRF2000 rapidly and non-destructively measures single-layer, multi-layer, and composition of alloys. Metal content in plating solutions and qualitative material analysis of alloys are also quickly determined.

"Point and Measure" Automatic Parts Positioning

Simply move the cursor to any area of the video image, click the mouse, and the stage moves the part directly under the X-ray beam. Fast, controllable parts positioning is accomplished with ease in seconds.

Custom Statistics Reports

Instantly preview data in any of the five custom report formats. Measurement data, including statistics, X-Bar & R charts, and even a picture of the sample being measured, can be printed in a variety of layouts. Out-of-tolerance measurements are highlighted in red.

Laser Focus Feature

Precision laser focusing on parts provides the most consistent measurement accuracy possible and eliminates operator error.

Stage Forward for Easy Parts Loading

Opening the chamber door automatically brings the stage forward for fast parts loading and unloading. Precise sample placement is also aided by a positioning laser.

Multiple Chamber Models

Three chambers are available including the H, L, and PCB models. Optional features such as programmable stages, filters, and multiple collimators allow measurement of parts of various sizes and shapes for your specific requirements.

X-Ray Beam Video Display

The X-ray beam image is displayed actual size ensuring precise positioning on small parts.

Exclusive “Shutterless” Design Extends Tube Life

Unlike other X-ray systems, the XRF2000 generates X-rays only while taking measurements. Since the X-ray tube completely shuts off between measurements, there is no need for a mechanical shutter. Less X-ray tube use equals cooler operating temperatures and longer tube life.

Chamber Temperature Regulation

Another first in X-ray design is the exclusive cooling controls which maintain consistent temperature of key system electronics. Measurement stability is further enhanced by the reduction in temperature variation.

2-D and 3-D Plating Thickness Mapping

Topographic mapping of plating thickness is easily accomplished. The resulting graphic is displayed in color or can be printed for further analysis. Stage programs include both automatic random and constant distance measurements.

Automatic X-Ray Beam Alignment

The Beam Position feature aligns the X-ray beam to the camera image. This prevents measurement errors, unnecessary service calls, or instrument down time due to misalignment.

Instrument Service and Support

Instrument service and diagnostics are simplified by intelligent product engineering and the use of interchangeable components. XRF service, calibration, and technical support is provided by UPA Technology’s experienced staff

X-Ray Calibration Standards

UPA Technology calibrates all instruments and thickness standards per ISO-17025. Thickness standards for most measurement applications are in-stock for prompt delivery and are offered at competitive prices. All thickness standards are traceable to the NIST and guaranteed accurate.

For more information on this product download the brochure in Adobe PDF Format by clicking this link: XRF2000 Brochure


X-Ray System Specifications
Chambers: Multiple models
X-Ray Tube: Micro-Focus 50Kv @ 1.0 mA with W, Ag, Mo or Rh targets
Detector: Silicon, Pin Diode, Peltier cooled
Filters: Up to 6 motorized, primary X-Ray filters
Collimators: Up to 5, from 4.0 mils - 125 mils
Sample Stage: Programmable X-Y-Z with automatic focus, Point & Measure and EZ parts loading features
Data: 5 custom report formats or direct to Excel
Video: Color, Hi-resolution, 20X magnification
Electrical: 110/220V AC 50/60 Hz

Jewelry Standards

Element Actual Measured
Pt 100% 99.99%
Pt 97.0% 97.02%
Au 100% 99.99%
Au 76.3% 76.18%
Au 51.8% 51.67%

PVC Standards

Element Actual Measured
Pb 400 ppm 406 ppm
Cd 100 ppm 102 ppm
Hg 200 ppm 191 ppm
Cd 400 ppm 415 ppm
Br 500 ppm 520 ppm

For more information on this product download the brochure in Adobe PDF Format by clicking this link: XRF2000R Brochure

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