Microderm CMS, Benchtop, and Probes

Microderm CMS Microderm CMS
The World's First Portable BetaBackscatter Device

The UPA Microderm CMS is a handheld unit perfect for process-line operation. Its menu-driven interactive software and re-charging docking station with spare battery pack makes it versatile and easy to use. It offers a data management software with 100 applications, 40 calibrations, and 10,000 measurements. Statistics include mean, standard deviation, highest/lowest measurement, and range.

Microderm CMS
MicrodermCMS Specifications:
Dimensions 9.5" X 5.0" X 2.5" (250 mm x 125 mm x 62.5 cm)
Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.65 kg)
Display 2" X 2.4" (50mm x 60mm) backlit viewing area 320 x 240 pixels; 1/4 VGA
Memory 100 applications; 20 calibrations; 350,000 measurement storage
Statistics Mean, standard deviation, max/min, and range
Data Port 9-Pin Serial to USB
Batteries Rechargeable, NiMH batteries

Typical Applications Include

  • Adhesive / Steel, Aluminum, Glass
  • Aluminum / Kovar, Steel, Glass, Silicon
  • Aluminide / Nickel Alloys
  • Babbitt / Bronze, Brass, Copper, Iron
  • Copper / Aluminum, Beryllium, Carbon, Ceramic, Plastic
  • Chromium / Copper, Aluminum
  • Cadmium / Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel
  • Electroless Nickel / Aluminum, Plastic
  • Gold / Nickel, Copper, Silicon, Ceramic
  • Iron Oxide / Mylar
  • Lead / Brass, Bronze
  • Lubricants / Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper
  • Mylar Film Thickness
  • Nickel / Aluminum, Beryllium
  • Palladium / Nickel
  • PhotoResist / Copper
  • Platinum / Nickel
  • Primer / Glass
  • Rhodium / Nickel, Copper, Gold
  • Silver / Copper, Nickel, Ceramic
  • Silicon / Plastic
  • Solder / Copper, Brass
  • Tantalum / Glass
  • Tin / Copper, Brass, Steel
  • Tin-Nickel / Nickel
  • Titanium Nitride / Steel, Stainless Steel
Microderm CMS

Microderm Technology is also used for the precise measurement of stamping lubricants

For more information on this product download the brochure in Adobe PDF Format by clicking this link: UPA Microderm CMS Brochure.

Microderm MP-900

Beta Backscatter and Hall Effect System!

Microderm MP-900 Microderm MP-900
For companies that prefer a benchtop model

For more information on this product download the brochure in Adobe PDF Format by clicking this link: UPA Microderm MP-900 Brochure.


All Microderm probes work with either the handheld or benchtop model

HH3 Probe

HH3 Probe

  • Self contained probe system consisting of a probe barrel, beta source, Geiger-Muller tube sensor, specimen mask, and case assembly.
  • Can be used with any of several probe guides and stands, enabling measurement on almost any size or shape of part.
WF Guide Probe

WF Probe Guide

  • The WF probe guide is used with the HH-3 or HH-2 probe and attaches in seconds without tools.
  • This handy probe guide is balanced with a metal outer ring, which encircles a polished Lucite core.
  • The guide holds the probe steady on horizontal surfaces.
Small Parts Probe Guide

SPG-1 Small Parts Probe Guide

  • Uses an HH-3 probe and attaches in seconds without tools.
  • A spring-mounted pressure pin holds small parts securely on the HH-3 probe for accurate, repeatable measurements.
PS-10A Probe Table

The PS-10A Probe Table

  • Allows precise, instant alignment of very small parts. Electronic components such as connectors, contacts, pins, and terminals are readily measured with the probe system
  • A spring-loaded pressure pin securely hold parts steady.
BTF Probe

Beta Thin Films "BTF" Probe

  • Measures wet or dry coatings such as stamping lubricants, primers and adhesives on flat parts.
  • Extremely thin organic and metal film coatings are accurately measured

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